AS an Altaress, Bearer of Offerings, Sacred Gatherer, Hedge Witch, Fire Keeper & Alchemist: I GATHER, GROW & BLEND magic based on what is being offered to me by the land & by what is needed by each being & their intentions.

Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible. This will ensure the SACRED magic will END UP iN the proper hands & you will get the most out of your financial investment. This is very important to me & the ancestors of the land where i gather & give back. After your order is SENT IN, i will sit with your HOPES & NEEDS for A FULL DAY WHILE holding you & your prayers. I WILL ALLOW MESSAGES TO FLOW THROUGH ME WITH HELP FROM OUR SPIRIT GUIDES & THE GREAT DIVINE.

Please be patient with this process.

You can expect to hear from me within 48 hours after i have LISTENED & DECIDED what IS NEEDED TO BE senT to you. I will respond by email with your invoice & shipping cost. If you are local & would prefer to pick up or meet in person, the golden eagle awakening space is on church street & we will make arrangements to connect.

I am thanking you deeply for doing this work. This is not for me, this is for you & i honor you for hearing the call. The time is now, you know this, i know this, thank you, i appreciate you in your entirety. I am with you. 

I love you.   

CHOSEN NAME: Nickname, spiritual name, any name you prefer.
CHOSEN NAME: Nickname, spiritual name, any name you prefer.
LEGAL NAME: Used for billing & shipping. *
LEGAL NAME: Used for billing & shipping.
IS THIS MAGIC FOR YOU OR A BELOVED? Each Being needs their own order(form) filled out. If you intend to order for yourself & a friend, or multiple friends: please fill out a form for each of you. When I send you your invoice, I will send you one shipping cost for all the magic & will separately wrap each Box of Alchemy separately & then ship all the magic together in one large box. This will help you on shipping costs, yet ensure each Being gets the proper magic for their needs. Thank you for respecting this request. Please email me with any concerns.
WHAT ARE YOU HOPING FOR? Your Box of Alchemy will include specialized magic based on your intentions & wishes. Every order will be different based on what Mother Earth is offering & what it is You or Your Beloved needs at this point along the journey. If there are offerings you are REALLY hoping to receive in your box, please check them below. If you would like to leave it completely up to me, feel free not to check anything. Thank you.
IF YOU'RE HOPING FOR CANDLES: Do you prefer wood wicks or cotton & paper wicks? Wood wicks burn half as bright but last double as long.
AROMA PREFERANCE: Do you prefer Warm or Cool scents? Please note: these are meditation candles & will not fill a room with fragrance. This is not the purpose of these candles. All candles are poured under the New or Full Moon in extremely small batches surrounded by a crystal grid while receiving a sound bath & being infused with the energy of herbs, sacred wood & resin. Please take note our candles come in reusable jars & may not be the same style jar you have ordered before. We upcycle containers whenever possible & often change the vessels based on what is being offered by the Universe. Practice non-attachment when ordering & receiving magic. What comes to you is meant for you.